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Today's cocktail from Thomson Whisky is the Te Puke Highball, featuring the alluring and vivacious Gingerella. We love this mix!

Te Puke Highball Cocktail:

1/2 Kiwifruit
1 inch of ginger, diced
20mls lemon
10mls sugar syrup 
30mls Thomson Two Tone Whisky
Top up with Gingerella

Muddle the kiwifruit and ginger together. Shake with the other ingredients to combine and top with Gingerella. Garnish with the kiwifruit and ginger. Read More

Partner news

This week we feature our good friend and frequent collaborator Matt Benns from Stephen Marr.  

Photography by Sam Lee Read More

We will be presenting our S13/14 Workshop Denim, Helen Cherry and International Designer collections at Golden Dawn on August 28th as part of the Marr Factory.

Tickets are $50 and available now via iTicket  includes a goodie bag and a Courvoisier drink on arrival. Numbers are limited so be quick!

 Photo by Oliver Rose Read More