This week's Workshop & Co. is with Tuhi from Workshop Vulcan Lane. Serious about his denim, you can talk all things selvedge with him in the menswear department downstairs at Vulcan Lane.

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Last week we visited Shanghai's Power Station of Art, Mainland China's first public museum of contemporary art housed in a re-purposed power plant.  Take a look at what we saw... 

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Our weekly Thomson Whisky cocktails are by Tim Martin of Mea Culpa, recent winners of the Outstanding Bar award at the Lewishams!

This week it’s the Thomson Penicillin Cocktail

45ml Thomson Two Tone
20ml Honey & ginger syrup
30ml Lemon juice
1 Egg white
1 barspoon float of Thomson 18 year old single malt

Shake together, strain over ice and float the 18 year old whisky atop. Garnish with cherry and bitters. Read More

Partner news

For this week's Workshop & Co. we feature Penny from Workshop Newmarket and her take on the winter collection and season! 

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The Latest Issue of Remix magazine Featured some of our favourite Helen Cherry and Workshop pieces.
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