The initial concept of the brand became Hadid's passion project during lockdown. Discussing the origins of her brand's philosophy, Hadid explains, “Once, I was staying at a hotel during fashion week, and I would see this letterhead, 'Guest in Residence’ I was like, 'What does that mean...?’ I think we're all guests in our own bodies... we're guests in the houses we live in, this planet, and what keeps me comfortable...comes from always being comfortable with what you're wearing."  


Guest in Residence elevates everyday knitwear with luxurious comfort, focusing on a range of timeless essentials crafted from premium cashmere and wool. Think cozy sweaters, chic cardigans, and versatile pieces designed for effortless style on the go.



"The genesis of Guest in Residence is to honour past heirlooms and give life to new ones spanning generations," expresses Hadid.  “A sweater for me isn't clothing, it's a story, a marker of time and memory.”


Prioritising longevity and quality over fleeting trends, Guest in Residence ensures each garment becomes a cherished companion for years to come.


Discover the exclusive edit of Guest in Residence at Workshop.

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