Workshop Denim designer and founder Chris Cherry established the company in 1980 and the brand in 1982. As the driving force behind the brand, Cherry styles Workshop Denim and travels extensively through Europe and Japan sourcing unique fabrics and premium denim for the collections.

Workshop Denim's focus is on real life, substance and authenticity. Jeans and other denim garments form the core of any Workshop Denim collection, complemented by high-casual, tailored mens and womens streetwear. Whether it be a selvedge jeans, a tailored shirt or dress, each Workshop Denim piece has an intrinsic emphasis on simplicity of cut, quality of cloth and attention to detail.

The brand has built a solid reputation based on hardwearing, classic denim styling with a strong directional edge.

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helen cherry

Helen Cherry is a high end womens fashion brand with a reputation for its chic, effortless and unpretentious style. Renowned for her trademark sophisticated design and understated glamour, distinctive aspects set Helen Cherry apart – exclusive and luxurious fabrics, a unique colour palette, subtle sex appeal, impeccable fit and quality of manufacture.

Her collections comprise sleek, simple cuts; the silhouette is often tailored and clean with a meticulous attention to detail. Helen Cherry makes her statement through the use of stunning fabrics. Beautiful drape, contrasting textures, layers of fresh colour and print convey the spirit of each new collection.

Helen travels constantly to source fabric for her collections and to buy international designer labels for the Workshop stores including Isabel Marant, Acne Studios, See by Chloe, Chloe, Alexander Wang and Marc Jacobs.

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