The Original Merz B Schwanen factory was established by Balthasar Merz on the Swabian Alps,Germany in 1911, a century later, the factory is still operating creating garments using 32original circular knitting machines known as loop wheelers.


Extremely rare and seldom found worldwide, of the world's remaining loop wheelers, you’ll find most of them in the Mez B Schwanen factory still being used to produce the ‘Good Materials’ fabric today. With the oldest machine dating back to 1889, they’re the very essence of authentic old school fabric production, akin to the narrow vintage shuttle looms that produce authentic selvedge denim.


With each loop wheeler adjusted by hand, slow fashion is given a new meaning. Fitted with overa thousand needles assembled in a row, loop wheelers knit row for row as it spools down taking almost 20 times longer to produce a T-shirt, the quality of the finished product is palpable.This unique production process results in luxurious side seam free garments offering unmatched comfort. The slow, circular warping process creates a fabric with no tension, twisting or loosing



Whether you favor the relaxed fit, longer and wider throughout, or the classic fit with shortersleeves and body, both styles offer a luxurious look and feel. Although we cannot guarantee that the classic fit will give you accentuated biceps, as seen on Jeremy Allen White in 'The Bear',  whether it’s the shirt or the wearer, the cut exudes an undeniably masculine allure.


In addition to the loopwheel T-shirts, the Merz B collection also features a selection of organic cotton shirts and chinos, and mulesing free merino socks and beanies.


Merz B Schwanen upholds three core values: Timeless design, Good Materials, and Good Manufacturing. Their commitment to positive change in the textile industry includes using natural, sustainable materials like Greek organic cotton, natural corozo nut buttons, and minimal plastic usage plus exquisite labels made in Germany on an old punch card Jacquard loom from 1890, Merz B’s Garments are truly steeped in authenticity and integrity.


The rare production process and materials ensure unique comfort from the moment you put on a Merz B garment. As unique textiles deserve special packaging, each T-shirt comes in an authentic Merz B. box, complete with its own special history.