Bella Freud was first introduced to New Zealand based artist Deborah Smith by her good friend Susie Cave, owner and creative director of The Vampire's Wife, through a Cloud Workshop held in the U.K.


Bella and Deborah stayed in touch, sending each other pictures of whippets on Instagram. When Deborah sent a book filled with photographs and artworks about her late brother Tyrone Smith, Bella was "struck by the beauty and interestingness of Tyrone's drawings", particularly by his drawings of animals wearing space suits. With Deborah and the family's blessing, Bella dressed Tyrone's bunny in the brand's iconic 1970 jumper.


New Zealand artist Deborah Smith co-founded Cloud Workshop in 2008, hosting art workshops for children and those with life threatening illness in their family. Find out more about Cloud Workshop on their website and Instagram.


Read the full story of how Bella Freud and Deborah Smith met and the creation of the Mythical Bunny here.


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A page from the book Deborah Smith made for her late brother TyroneBella Freud Mythical Bunny Oversized T-ShirtBella Freud Mythical Bunny Oversized T-Shirt